PRIMER is a Risk Management manual covering the whys and wherefores of the contracts used in drilling a well, the nomenclature and nuances that effect the Insurance Coverages for the Operator, the methods and mysteries of keeping the costs at a manageable level and the lessons from losses in some of the over 300 blowouts and related claims in which Robert L Carson, Jr. has been involved during these last forty years.

 This manual covers in depth items of extremely important interest not only to the buyer of insurance, but to the people that are involved in placing the coverages in the market, the attorneys that are engaged in the construction of contracts or in taking the insurers to task in paying a claim and everyone involved in the attempts to make the whole process work like intended. (See Table of Contents)

About the author Robert L Carson Jr.

Mr. Carson has, over the years, developed a preeminent expertise in risk allocation in the contractual exposures in the energy industry, most especially in drilling contracts, master service agreements, joint operating agreements, farmout agreements, charters and leases. This, along with his experience in over 300 blowouts and a like number of third-party liability claims, has made Mr. Carson a popular speaker on contractual matters and insurance coverage, before such groups as:

• The State Bar of Texas’ Advanced Oil, Gas and Mineral Law Course

• The Southwest Legal Foundation

• The Eastern Mineral Law Foundation

• Energy Section of the Risk and Insurance Managers’ Society (RIMS) Petroleum Insurance Conference

• International Association of Drilling Contractors’ Contract Seminars Contract Risk Management Conference

In addition to being an insurance broker, he also does insurance consulting and serves as an expert witness. He has been named as a Contributing Author to the Contract Risk Transfer publication of International Risk Management, Inc. (IRMI). Mr. Carson’s basic field of expertise includes risk allocation in oilfield contracts; coverage analysis and interpretation of well control, general liability, excess (umbrella) liability, platform and related policies; marketing these coverages to underwriters; and claims handling in these areas.